Claiming Your Authentic Self - Level 1 - "Committing to You"

A Step-By-Step Process that shows you how to Create a Life of Value, Meaning, and Purpose

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Welcome to the re-release of the Claiming Your Authentic Self Online Course, the most comprehensive learning guide ever created for nurturing your inner child to Claim Your Authentic Self.

For much of my early life I felt separate, fearful and lost.

I came from a family that did the best they knew how, but like most, they had very little idea how to teach me some important things about what it is to truly love. Impacted by alcoholism, divorce and a lack of healthy communication skills, we became a family of five people living on five separate islands.

Though I resented those things for a long time, and spent years trying to run from the pain and shame of it all, I now understand that we can learn to use the specific limitations of our early lives to inspire us on a journey of seeking deeper answers and solutions than we might otherwise have chosen to do.

The experience of our pain and shame can become great motivators.

In order for that to be so, we all need a Safe Place to gain a Clear Education about Who We Are, what has actually been missing, along with some Nurturing Tools that allow us to create Real Solutions.

In my own process of searching for what I hoped would inspire greater peace and deeper fulfillment, there were two pivotal revelations that ended up changing the direction of my life. I first became clear that spending so much time focusing outside myself, looking to my achievements and the accumulation of things was neither fulfilling me or bringing me real peace.

Performing leading roles on opera stages and in broadway shows allowed me to build confidence in my talents. However, I eventually saw that I was most often using my talents to mask a lack of trust in who I actually was as a person. I didn’t know myself very well at all.

Even though I was seen as really successful to many people around me, I remained unfulfilled and unconvinced myself.

If I was ever going to create a solution, I would first have to shift my primary focus inward, get to know my truest self, and learn how to trust my own value.

We all need more than just an understanding about who we are and the deeper potentials that we all share.

Understanding alone can easily leave us stuck in our heads, unable to transform the quality of our day-to-day lives. What we need are tools that allow us to make wise theories more experiential, tangible and accessible. Only then can we transform the actual experience of our lives.


I began to discover reliable ways to create nurtured, meaningful experiences for myself, and I began to enjoy my life much more on a daily basis.

Once I began to connect more fully to my inner self, I was able to discover what matters the most to me.

Only then was I able to make choices that supported my most authentic goals and dreams. These are the things that have allowed me to build a life of meaning, value and purpose — where I actually look forward to waking up and investing in my most authentic life.

That is exactly what I will teach you to do in this course.

So here's the question... Are you willing to sacrifice intimacy, health, and meaning for a mediocre life experience?

Will you accept the future of feeling separate, lonely and powerless to create a reliable, fulfilling experience in your life?

Or will you take the steps to Nurture Yourself? Open to Give and Receive with Ease, Flow and Trust? And Access your Authentic Potential?

I invite you to be one of the few who finds deep trust, fulfillment and power in connecting with your Authentic Self.

The approach that you will learn in Claiming Your Authentic Self will allow you to resolve challenges in every area of your life, because it starts with building a new relationship to yourself.

When you start from a clear set of priorities, investing your energy into the things that are most important to you, in addition to moving more energy in your body… you become more streamlined and empowered to create success physically, emotionally, mentally, sexually and spiritually.

This translates to the relationship you have with yourself, with your friends, your partner, your career, and the things you do for fun and pleasure.

Whatever the reason you choose Claiming Your Authentic Self, you’ll recognize its power in the form of more energy, a calmer core, proactive health, and a sincere trust of Self and your own value.

I look forward to hearing from you in the Claiming Your Authentic Self community as you become aware of your personal priorities and begin to take charge of your life.

In Your Nurtured Success,
Ron Baker
Founder, Empowered At Las


"Ron Baker will change your life!... should you open your heart and mind to his wisdom and commit to a process of personal and spiritual development. What makes this teacher so notable is the balance of deeply profound life knowledge and a grounded, integrated, understandable way of teaching it. He is truly remarkable as a teacher and yes, he did change my life.

I began working with him when I had no real sense of self, had spent my life unconsciously pleasing my parents and my society, was using drugs and alcohol to numb out feelings of disillusionment and not good enough-ness. He held a space for love with me that led me to me. He showed me how to love myself. How to understand the unique beauty of who I am. How to love and accept all aspects of me – and he teaches it by modeling it and showing you that life is a process. It’s an evolution – there is no silver bullet – there is no perfected self – there is only the version of you which gets better and better over time, as you learn to accept yourself where you are. From there your own evolution is just an awesome ride.

As I grow now into a teacher myself – I know with completely certainty that he changed my life and is inspiring me into the next chapter of my life. He is a master teacher, as authentic a human as you will ever meet and a dear friend. I only wish and hope that you get to experience the gifts of Ron Baker."

- Sohail, California


Experience A Fulfilling Life of Purpose

ACCESS MORE ENERGY to Invest into Your Ideal Life

CULTIVATE A CALM CORE for a Deep Sense of Internal Power

SECURE PROACTIVE HEALTH through Potent Breathing Techniques

TRUST YOUR SELF & YOUR VALUE with Tools for Nurturing Yourself from Within


LEARN TO NEGOTIATE YOUR FEELINGS to Make Choices that Set You Up for Success

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Learn to Count on Yourself in a World of Challenge and Change

The last few years have proved to be a time of intense challenge. We live in a world that is giving us less and less that we can count on, except that we are all in this boat together.

We all need some foundational education about how we might learn to trust our individual selves, as well as the power that is created when we come together in mutual support. These things require specific tools, an understanding of what our particular challenges include, and an ability to communicate and trust one another.

In a time of challenge, opening to consider something new can seem most difficult.

However, we have reached a time where it is becoming more crucial that we open to new options. What could be better than having a place that has already proved to help so many to make consistent shifts and transformations.

What Does it Mean to Claim Your Authentic Self?

When we do not receive the nurturing acceptance of our emerging selves when we are young, we end up burying any parts of self that we perceive are unacceptable or unlovable.
We then create masks of self that we present instead of trusting the emergence of our most Authentic Selves.

The healing process involves learning how to tap how you feel, what you need, what you prefer, what your priorities are... all clues to reclaiming your most authentic self.

And that is exactly what we will go through together in this course.

Transform Your Fear and Frustration to Clarity and Confidence

We live in a world where people are stuck in survival choices and mediocre relationships, unsure how to move beyond the limitations that are familiar. I am so happy to be able to offer very specific alternatives that enhance the lives of every person who is willing to show up and nurture themselves into the potential of something more.

Awakening the Most Authentic, Empowered You
This course will explore the whole self — physical, emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual — giving you a clear understanding of the way life works WITH you.

By first learning how your life is set up, you will better understand what the true OPPORTUNITY of your life is… which is to learn HOW to create a nurturing relationship with yourself. By doing so, you learn to face the fear, shame and judgment you have carried for so long… freeing you to CLAIM much more of your AUTHENTIC POTENTIAL.

By getting in touch with your authentic core self, you will be amazed how much more FULFILLING your day-to-day life becomes… motivated by moving toward the experiences and visions that are most important to YOU.


Claiming Your Authentic Self

Here's What You'll Receive:

The Claiming Your Authentic Self Course in 12 Complete Lessons

1. High-Definition Videos - Over 6 Hours of Direct Training with Ron Baker

Over 6 hours of lessons divided into 12 distinct lessons, that will help you create nurturing relationships and pull you into Adult Reality

2. Claiming Your Authentic Self Companion Workbook

Over 60 total pages of guidance, to translate the lessons, step-by-step, into your life

3. Monthly Live Group Q&A Sessions with Ron Baker

Each month you can come on live with Ron Baker to ask questions, share your experiences and successes, and get help with challenges that you may face.

4. Private Membership Site with Easy Access to All Materials, Bonuses and Question & Answer

The Private Membership Page will connect you with a worldwide community to discuss course material, share experiences, as well as give and receive support. This is where you can post questions for guidance.


Class Curriculum

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What Claiming Your Authentic Self Students Are Saying...

“Going through a process with Ron has helped me to deal with my core issues and not just what surfaces from those issues. So many self-help efforts seem like a band aid on a wound that’s never going to heal until its worked on and nurtured. That’s what is different about this process. It deals with the core, and that has made a big difference in my life.”

Todd, New Jersey

My empowerment journey has been a deep and sacred undertaking, allowing me to get a better understanding of myself and my place in the world. Through this process, I have grown my heart, unearthed and freed many self-limiting patterns, and as improved the quality of my relationships. Simply put, Ron has taught me how to love myself and others, more and more, no matter what life’s circumstances are. He is a beloved master teacher and a rare gift.”

Marie, Connecticut

"I look forward to waking up in the morning and being a part of the healing solutions that humanity desperately needs. None of that would have been possible without Ron’s work. I look forward to all the wonderful goals that lay ahead of us with his work and our collective process. I highly recommend Ron. Every client that i have met has improved there lives while studying with him."

Jonathan, NYC

“Working with Ron has improved all aspects of my life, from the quality and depth of my relationships to growth and happiness in my career. More important than these things has been the increasing levels at which I can accept and nurture myself, living life from the inside out. In these ways, Ron’s impact on my life has been incalculable.”

Luke, Queens, NY

“Through this process and empowering approach to life, I learned to be more authentic, to show up, to set boundaries, to improve my relationship with myself, and to help others do the same.”

Elisa, Brooklyn, NY

"If you are willing to deepen love and self-mastery, Ron Baker is the man.

I have had a complete deepening of my life through working with Ron. Immediately, my love relationship has become sweeter and more supportive. We are having so much more fun, feeling connected and understood. Laughter, affection and feeling accepted where I am, is a direct result of this work!

The HUGE bonus has been discovering the connection to myself! Before Ron, I had no idea what “nurturing” meant. Most of my life has been guided by the tyrant within. With Ron, the tyrant reigns no more!! The experience of being gentle and kind while being authentic and real, is AMAZING!!!!

Every aspect of my life is enriched through this process. I am deeply happy, and feeling the beauty of life. All of my relationships~ business, friends and family~ have sweetened, matured and blossomed.I finally feel like I am the boss of my own life. It’s stunning to see who (or who hasn’t) been in charge all this time.

Ron is a short cut to living the life you’ve been seeking."

Khrystyne, NYC

“Ron is able to create a nurturing, stimulating, safe environment to discover your own authentic potential. His clarity and commitment are stunning. Month after month I keep discovering new layers of depth in this amazing journey of life, and all through this I feel his presence and support, knowing I can reach out with any questions, doubts, or celebrations and he will be there. Words cannot fully convey the gratitude I have for this wonderful teacher that manifested in my life.”

Clara, Italy

"Through working with Ron Baker, I have come to understand many details about myself and my life that I was avoiding, suppressing or just did not understand.

Ron has a true gift of seeing behind the veil of protected walls to get to the core and the essence of your true nature. He has supported me in a meaningful, loving and non-judgmental way, which has allowed me to be open and free to share my deepest thoughts, emotions and feelings. The best part is that I feel I have been given amazing tools to be able to live life more authentically.

I have shared Ron with so many people in my life. I now show up more authentically, which in essence, helps people around me be more authentic. I can let my guard down and know I’m safe in the world. When people ask how I found the courage to face myself in such a process, I say, 'It has been a gift.' Ron Baker is my gift to you."

Andrew, NYC

"I began my healing journey many years ago at a most crucial and pivotal time in my life and as fate would have it I was led to the exact right and perfect place. It takes a great deal of courage to begin this healing process and entrust yourself to another and reveal the most tender and vulnerable aspects of one’s self. I soon discovered that I couldn’t have been in a safer environment in which to do so.

Ron provides compassion, guidance and support that I never knew was possible, gaining clarity and insight which allowed me to open my guarded heart to reveal and feel feelings that were so full of shame, imperfection, unworthiness and fear. I hold tremendous gratitude for Ron – for his compassionate heart, intellect and wisdom and being at my side and having faith in me when mine was shattered. Today I feel re-birthed and stand empowered, feeling my feelings and sharing my unique gifts with a full heart to the world with more confidence, joy and fulfillment than I ever thought possible."

Peter, NYC

"The amazing thing about Ron is that he has a combination of heart and knowledge, AND the courage to walk the walk of the wisdom that he holds. I feel that when he explains a lesson or gives guidance – it comes from the EXPERIENCE of actually having learned those things himself. And sometimes the hard and humbling way.

In addition to the nurturing support I experienced with Ron, I also learned many tools. I learned HOW to process my wounded feelings – and release them so that they no longer dwelt within me. I learned how to value myself and parent myself in the way that my own parents would have if they had known how. I learned simple and grounded ways to – one step at a time – move forward into healthier and healthier choices.

Seven years later I am a truly transformed woman – from the core of my being. I am very proud of myself for this and I have worked my ass off to get here. I have healed profoundly. I love myself, and love my life. I have a career that I love, and a way to give back to others. I have meaningful relationships that are healthy and mutually supportive. And I continue to learn from Ron and move forward – claiming more and more empowerment."

Kirsten, Pennsylvania

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive:

The Claiming Your Authentic Self Course in 12 Complete Lessons

1. High-Definition Videos - Over 6 Hours of Direct Training with Ron Baker [VALUE: $720]

2. Claiming Your Authentic Self Companion Workbook
[VALUE: $97]

3. Monthly Live Q&A Sessions with Ron Baker
[VALUE: $300]

4. Private Membership Site with Easy Access to All Materials, Bonuses and Question & Answer

[TOTAL VALUE = $1117]


Claiming Your Authentic Self Program


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Claiming Your Authentic Self Program

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Claiming Your Authentic Self is a 12 lesson video course that walks through everything you'll need to create a nurturing connection to yourself, learn how to trust your own value, as well as feel safer and more intimate in your life. This training will enable you to move toward the things that truly matter to you -- becoming more trusting, motivated, intimate, abundant and fulfilled.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and you go as far as you choose to go! So much more is possible than what most of us were taught. This is a completely self-paced online course - so you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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